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Summer Learning Resources for Parents and Kids

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought a year of challenges, with virtual learning being a big one for students and parents. Many teachers and parents are concerned about the impact the pandemic may have had on their students’ educational growth, with some implementing plans to close the gap over the summer. Here are some online educational resources we found to help keep your student academically engaged over the summer months (they’re pretty fun ones too!):

Much of summer learning loss can be attributed to lack of interest in educational activities. Start with a Book’s summer reading resources page allows you to search for books based on your child’s interests. It also provides ideas for activities related to the books that you read. What starts with a book on dinosaurs might end with a cookie excavation!

Funbrain’s math zone is a great way to make your child’s screen time a little more educational. The virtual arcade offers a variety of games for different age groups that are fun and engaging while improving math skills! Warning: parents may even get addicted.

This page offers bilingual (English and Spanish) resources for parents to help guide their child’s summer learning. The page is filled with tips tricks and free activities.’s summer resources page offers a variety of free printable activities and worksheets to keep your child educationally engaged over the summer. Activities can be filtered by grade level or school subjected for more targeted learning.

Online camps can direct your child’s learning and keep kids busy on long summer days. Here Common Sense Media has compiled a list of virtual camps (some paid, some free).

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