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How You Can Make Hand Sanitizer At Home

If you have been to the drugstore recently you have likely noticed the bare shelves on the aisles where hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks were once located. As the coronavirus spreads, more people have rushed to the store in hopes of buying products that will protect them from the virus. While the center of disease control has stated that traditional hand washing is sufficient for killing virus germs, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer remains the most effective method of protection when soap and water are not readily available. As government officials begin to move to reopen society and lift stay at home orders, it is important to remember to continue practicing good hand hygiene and other protective strategies. But if your local drugstore is out of stock, you can still make enough hand sanitizer for you and your family (or office, when it opens) with simple household ingredients.

Mixing 2 parts of Isopropyl Alcohol with 1 part Aloe Vera gel will create your own effective hand sanitizer. The important thing to remember is that the CDC has reported that only sanitizers with an alcohol content of 60% or higher are effective in combating the coronavirus. For this reason, check and make sure the isopropyl alcohol you are using is at least 60%. If the alcohol smell bothers you, you can also add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to give the mixture fragrance. All of these ingredients can be found at most drugstores as well as Target and Walmart, although you may have to search around as many products are in limited supply due to the crisis.

Hand sanitizer is a great way to stay germ-free on the go, but washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best thing you can do to keep any virus away! Wishing everyone a healthy spring filled with clean hands!

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