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Holiday Time Sharing: Tips for Finding a Schedule that Works for You

During your divorce process, if you are unhappy with your parenting plan it is important to speak up. If you agree to a plan that you are not happy with, it will only cause more problems for you and your children in the future.

Every family is different, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” time sharing plan. It is important to find a schedule that works best for both parents and for the children. Here are some examples of holiday time sharing schedules we have seen in the past:

  • The Alternating Holiday Plan: In this option, children switch off which holidays they share with each parent every year. For example, the children may spend Thanksgiving with one parent in even number years, and spend it with the other parent in odd number years.

  • The Split Holiday Plan: In this plan, children spend half of every holiday with one parent and half of every holiday with the other parent. For example, the children may spend Christmas morning with one parent, and then go over to spend the evening with the other parent. This plan works best if the two parents live fairly close to one another, and have really strong communication and coordination skills.

  • The Fixed Holiday Plan: Each parent celebrates the same holidays with the children every year. For example, the children spend Thanksgiving with one parent every year, and Christmas with the other parent every year.

You can use any of these plans, a combination of multiple, or a completely different schedule created by you and the other parent.

If there is ever an instance where one parent wants to deviate from the time sharing plan agreed upon in your parenting plan, they can try to work out the change with the other parent. However, if the other parent wants to stick to the original agreed upon plan, that should be respected. If the plan is court ordered, then it is the default and must be followed unless the parents mutually agree to the change.

If you have questions about creating a time sharing schedule, or you are unhappy with your current parenting plan, call our office at 727-525-0200.


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