Relinquishing Parental Rights Pinellas, FL

T he State of Florida can bring legal action to permanently sever parental rights so that a child becomes eligible for adoption. Grounds for termination of parental rights may be:

  • Abandonment or extreme parental disinterest
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Felony conviction/incarceration
  • Failure of reasonable efforts
  • Abuse or neglect or loss of rights of another child

  • Sexual abuse
  • Child’s best interest
  • Child in care 15 of 22 months (or less)
  • Felony assault of child or sibling
  • Murder/manslaughter of sibling child

The following are conditions where an action might be brought, but are not grounds for relinquishing parental rights:

  • Alcohol or drug-induced incapacity
  • Failure to maintain contact
  • Failure to provide support
  • Failure to establish paternity

If your parental rights are being threatened, contact our family law atttorneys today.  We’ll fight to protect your parental rights.