Domestic Law Attorneys Tampa Bay

A t Barnett Woolums, P.A., our criminal defense and family law attorneys have extensive experience dealing with the legal fall-out of domestic violence.  When in this situation you need a domestic violence attorney in St. Petersburg that knows your rights and the best way to proceed through the legal process.

If you have a domestic violence issue in Clearwater, FL, St. Petersburg or the Tampa Bay area know that we provide swift protection for Petitioners and a strong defense for Respondents.  When representing our clients on civil injunctions (restraining orders), we are approachable, compassionate, and highly responsive to their individual needs.

Whether you are the injunction Petitioner or Respondent, we are eager to help you with drafting your paperwork, representing you in hearings, and providing any other legal support you may need.

Addressing Petitioners’ Safety Needs

If you have been, or fear that you will soon be, the victim of domestic violence, we know exactly what is needed to invoke and enforce Florida law to protect you.  As your attorneys, we can represent you in obtaining a temporary and/or permanent injunction to protect you, your children, and your assets in the following situations:

  • Repeat violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Dating violence
  • Sexual violence

Temporary Injunctions/Restraining Orders

To obtain an injunction/restraining order, you must file a Petition that contains a sworn statement of the facts which would justify the Court granting the injunction.  At that time, the Court can grant the temporary injunction, after which a hearing will be held to determine whether to make the injunction permanent.  If the person named as the offender violates the injunction, he or she may be held in criminal contempt or arrested.

An emergency temporary injunction can be sought as soon as possible following your initial contact with us.  We can then pursue a temporary injunction to assure your protection for the short term.  A temporary injunction may be made permanent after a hearing.  We do everything possible to safeguard you, your possessions, and your assets with these orders of protection.

Permanent Injunctions

A permanent injunction can be granted after a hearing where both sides have an opportunity to present their cases to the Court.  If you are—or fear you may become—the victim of domestic violence, contact us at Barnett Woolums, P.A. to discuss your options.  You don’t have to wait to be physically harmed in order to protect yourself.

Defending Respondents against Accusations

We provide a strong defense for clients who are Respondents to an injunction.  There are times when there is no basis for an injunction or restraining order.  The repercussions of a temporary or permanent injunction can be severe and need to be defended against.  They can lead to loss of reputation, job, liberty, and assets.  Clients placed in this situation need our effective and concerned counsel to help them through this difficult time.