Divorce Attorneys

W hen you need experienced divorce attorneys call or contact our law firm today for professional representation.  At Barnett Woolums, P.A., we represent clients in St. Petersburg, FL and throughout the Tampa Bay area in all areas of family law and divorce including, but not limited to:

Aggressive Representation with Compassionate Attention

The dissolution of a marriage through divorce proceedings is a highly stressful event.  At this difficult time you need a divorce attorney to consult with who will fight for your best interests while showing sensitivity to your situation.  Our approach to clients is completely hands-on, and we give clients the personalized attention they seek and deserve.  We are attentive to details and strive to reassure clients and restore peace of mind during this traumatic time in their lives.  The care and attention we provide helps avoid problems in filing for divorce and can improve the terms of a divorce settlement or final judgment.

Focusing on the Goals of Each Client

As your attorneys, we recognize the wide range of emotions and the complexity of issues involved in family law matters and we try to provide as much information as possible at your divorce consultation.  We take the time to listen to clients in order to understand their individual expectations and goals.  We focus on achieving those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This focus is coupled with a keen understanding of the strategy involved in resolving emotional and contentious family law matters.

Experienced Litigators

At Barnett Woolums, P.A., we are skilled, experienced litigators, having extensive courtroom experience both as prosecutors and as private practice defense attorneys.  We take care of all legal details, so each divorce client can move on, building a new life on a solid foundation.