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Our Top Ten Tips for Divorce Proceedings

In high conflict divorce cases, there are some reoccurring situations that may cause problems during the proceedings. While many of these situations appear across divorce cases, there are things that can be done in order to decrease the risk.

Below are our top ten tips for divorce proceedings for clients to refer to throughout the process.

  1. Immediately share with your attorney any information or communication that could impact your case.

  2. Conduct conversations with your spouse in a businesslike manner, avoid insults or blaming.

  3. Do not discuss the details of your divorce proceedings with your children.

  4. Keep a detailed calendar, including the time-sharing schedule for your children and whether there were any changes. For more information on calendar keeping during child custody cases, check out this resource.

  5. Keep a log of the questions you have for your attorney, so you do not forget any when you meet with them.

  6. Advise your family and friends not to contact your spouse to speak to them about divorce proceedings.

  7. Block your spouse on social media. Do not look at their profiles.

  8. Ask your family and friends to remove your spouse from their social media accounts. If they do not want to do so, ask them to refrain from tagging you in any of their posts.

  9. During the process of your divorce, it is best not to introduce your children to a new significant other.

  10. Do not bring your new significant other to court proceedings.

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