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Child Custody: Put it on the Calendar

Documentation is a powerful tool in child custody cases. One form of documentation can be a personal calendar in which you record important dates and events relevant to the care of your child.

Here are some of our tips for calendar keeping:

1. Write Everything Down

The big things and the small things, who is keeping the child and when. Make sure you track any unexpected changes in the child’s schedule. If one parent was supposed to have the child and then wasn’t able to, document that change. These details may be important later.

2. Leave “Notes to Self”

When you are trying to balance the care of your child, responsibilities of everyday life, and legal proceedings – it can be easy to lose track of things that happened. Write notes to yourself in the margins of your calendar to make sure you remember things that you may want to bring up in court. This is also a good place to record any questions that you may have for your attorney the next time you speak with them.

3. Keep Your Calendar with You

When you are out and about with your children it is easy to think “oh I’ll just write that down later” and then immediately forget about it. This is why it is important to keep your calendar close. Free online services like Google Calendar bring your calendar on your phone or laptop wherever you go. If you prefer a paper calendar but don’t want to carry it with you, make a note or set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget to record something later.

Calendar keeping may take time to form into a habit but can be an essential part of making your case for child custody. Take a moment now to write it down, your future self will thank you for it.

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