June 2, 2021

Summer Learning Resources for Parents and Kids

      The COVID-19 Pandemic brought a year of challenges, with virtual learning being a big one for students and parents. Many teachers and parents […]
June 23, 2020

Our Top Ten Tips for Divorce Proceedings

  In high conflict divorce cases, there are some reoccurring situations that may cause problems during the proceedings. While many of these situations appear across divorce […]
May 18, 2020

8 Activities To Keep Kids Busy in Isolation

I think everyone can agree that pandemic parenting is a whole new beast. Between homeschooling, working from home, extreme boredom, and anything else that is going […]
May 11, 2020

Why your college student needs Power of Attorney and Healthcare Surrogate documents

As spring ends many high school seniors are making decisions about the next steps in their education. These plans are often filled with excitement, nerves, and […]
May 4, 2020

When Home is not Safer: Domestic Violence during the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we work together to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, governmental officials and healthcare workers have emphasized the fact that people are safer at […]
April 30, 2020

How You Can Make Hand Sanitizer At Home

If you have been to the drugstore recently you have likely noticed the bare shelves on the aisles where hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks were once […]
August 5, 2019

10 Frequently Asked Questions From Our Current Clients

10 Frequently Asked Questions from our Current Clients 1. How long does it take to get a court hearing? Scheduling a court hearing varies on a […]
July 24, 2019

Schools get graded too! Where does your child’s fall?

    Many parents are aware of what kind of grades their students are receiving, but what about the grade that their school is receiving? Schools […]
July 17, 2019

What Can You Do About A Past Criminal Charge?

In the digital age, criminal records can have a longer lasting impact on a person’s life. The Internet has made it easy to locate criminal records, […]
June 24, 2019

Child Custody: Put it on the Calendar

  Documentation is a powerful tool in child custody cases. One form of documentation can be a personal calendar in which you record important dates and […]
August 22, 2018

Barnett Woolums Celebrates Holidays in July 2018

Each year, the St. Petersburg Bar Foundation coordinates the annual Holidays in July event to benefit children in foster homes. The event aims to provide these […]
March 28, 2017
child support

Peace Acronym: C stands for CHILD SUPPORT

Child support covers a broad range of children from different families. These children include those born from a marriage and those born from a relationship, whether […]
March 13, 2017

PEACE ACRONYM A stands for Alimony

Divorce is rarely an amicable situation. The bitterness that can arise makes everything seem unfair. When one spouse must support another after the breakup of a […]
March 7, 2017
Equitable Distribution

PEACE ACRONYM ‘E’ Stands for Equitable Distribution

A marriage is a partnership. During the partnership, assets and liabilities are mutually acquired; therefore, if the partnership ends, both assets and debts need to be […]
December 22, 2016
Merry Christmas from Barnett Woolums, PA

Merry Christmas from Barnett Woolums, PA