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July 24, 2019
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10 Frequently Asked Questions From Our Current Clients

10 Frequently Asked Questions from our Current Clients

1. How long does it take to get a court hearing?

Scheduling a court hearing varies on a case by case basis. This largely depends on the judge’s schedule, as some judges reserve certain days of the week for specific kinds of cases. If applicable to your case, we also have to coordinate with the opposing party in order to set a date and time. The best thing you can do to ensure the quickest possible scheduling is to respond to all emails as soon as you can. Dates on the judge’s calendar go quickly and if the date you request has been taken; we have to start the process all over again.

2. Why do I have to give you my pay stubs?

This is a part of providing your mandatory disclosure, which is required in all family law cases. The opposing party in your case will also be required to provide these documents.

3. Do I have to provide everything on the mandatory disclosure form?

Yes, you must provide everything on the mandatory disclosure form that applies to you. If it is a document that you have, you must provide it.

4. Will the documents that I provide for mandatory disclosure be on public record?

No, public record will show that you provided the documents for mandatory disclosure, but only those directly involved with your case will have access to the documents themselves.

5. Why do I have to go to mediation?

Mediation is required in family law cases.

6. Should I talk about court proceedings with my kids?

No, you should never talk about court proceedings with your children or speak poorly about the opposing party in front of them.

7. What is the Talking Parents App?

The Talking Parents App is a tool that facilitates communication between co-parents in a way that is both effective and child-focused. Our attorneys recommend this app as a way to speak with the parent of your child and to coordinate related events on the shared calendar feature. Unlike text messages or emails, the app cannot be manipulated to delete or edit the conversations. The app is available for both iPhone and Androids and a link to their website is provided below:

8. What is a retainer?

A retainer is a fee quoted by your lawyer for the services they provide on your case. Each month, you will receive an invoice detailing the work that has been done on your case and the amount remaining on your retainer. Once the retainer has been exhausted, you will be billed monthly for additional legal services.

9. What is the average retainer?

There isn’t really a “normal” retainer amount. Retainers depend entirely on the circumstances of each case. This number is based on the amount of time the attorney believes it will take to resolve your case. This is determined during your consult appointment with your attorney.

10. Does the retainer include court costs or processing fees?

No, the retainer will only be used for the cost of the work of the firm on your case.


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